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Batting Gloves In Stock

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Custom made batting gloves made just for 463! Tyler and Ayden have been tested them out for us.

Palm and Fingers made of Cowhide Digitized Leather ( Special XS Grip ), palm thickness is 0.8mm which 90% more stronger than plain regular Leathers or Synthetic Leathers yet softer and comfortable in feel as compare to the other leathers.

Additional reinforcement on the high risk points (from where the gloves can be damage) for example Top Thumb Area and Palm area. This addition makes the gloves 40% more durable as compare to the other gloves. 

4 Way Stretch Fabric on Back of the Gloves ( Digital Printed ), PVC Printed Leather Panel.

Elastic with Zigzag stitches on the Cuff. Synthetic Leather With Strap. In Between the Fingers, Lycra will be used for Snug Fit and Breathability.